Paul Haber

Paul Haber

  • Career in corporate finance and capital markets for over 25 years
  • Has worked to take more than 20 companies public
  • Served as the CFO and Audit Committee Chair of many public and private companies
  • Seasoned entrepreneur having founded two merchant banks, an oil company and a technology firm
  • Believer in entrepreneurial spirit and actively seeks to help other founders
Deven Soni

Deven Soni

  • Co-Founder of Minterra
  • Seasoned operations executive and active investor in the digital assets space
  • Co-Founder of Wired Investors, a private equity fund focused on digital asset acquisitions
  • Years of experience working for Goldman Sachs and Highland Capital Partners as a technology-focused investor, with his contributions proving integral in funding several top technology businesses
  • Founding director of Polymath and a founding employee of
Marshall Zheng Ma

Marshall Zheng Ma

  • Specializes in overseas investment for high-quality capital
  • Was a senior manager in the investment arm for People’s Bank of China, participating in the investment and risk management for China’s 4 trillion foreign exchange reserve (the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world)
  • Investments in global leading technology companies such as Didi, Bytedance and Paytm
James Bluett

James Bluett

  • Actively involved in the emerging technology sector holding a variety of roles for companies such as Fidelity Investments, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson.
  • Became interested in Filecoin and IPFS when the Filecoin v1 whitepaper was released in 2015 and in 2020 decided to take a more active role by joining as a small miner.
  • Selected as a Filecoin Ambassador in 2021 and has participated in both MinerX.1 and MinerX.2 programs as a Fellow.
  • Extremely motivated by the long-term vision of the Filecoin network and a passionate member of the Filecoin community

Providing a
turnkey ecosystem
for data mining,
storage and
on the Filecoin

Who we are


To become the
world’s largest and
most efficient
Filecoin Ecosystem

We provide leading
data solutions for
Web 3.0.


A turnkey ecosystem of state-of-the-art hardware, infrastructure and resources to enable fast, reliable and cost-efficient data mining on the Filecoin network.


Decentralized, secure and scalable data storage solutions for companies, governments, militaries and more.


Opportunities for Web 3.0 entrepreneurs building on Filecoin to elevate and scale their business. Through a portfolio of venture capital style investments, we provide businesses with FIL to aid in their growth, advancing innovative technologies and evolving data storage solutions.


to industry

Our Ecosystem


Powered by 100% carbon neutral energy with battery backup, Filecoiner delivers uninterrupted service even when grid power is down.


Our turnkey and remote data management system eliminates costly downtime caused by software and configuration errors.


We offer decentralized data storage solutions built around the Filecoin Blockchain. Customers’ access to data is never reliant on a single storage site.


Filecoiner’s Ecosystem provides dual redundant internet connections combined with a 5G backup for infinite connectivity.

Global Data

Every day, the global population collectively sends 294 billion emails, creates 720 thousand hours of new YouTube content, and uses 4 million gigabytes of Facebook data.

In 2020, 59 zettabytes (ZB) of data was created, captured, copied and consumed globally (59 trillion gigabytes). To put in perspective, 1 zettabyte is the equivalent space required to store 250 billion DVDs! 1



The Problem with Centralized Storage

To support the rapidly growing quantities of data on Web 2.0, the world’s top tech companies have been offering centralized cloud storage services, with the top 5 providers accounting for 80% of the market in 2020.2

Centralized cloud data storage has many major disadvantages such as:

  • Unreliable security leading to hacking and other cyber crime
  • Limited connectivity
  • Unintended data loss
  • Poor scalability
  • Dependency on centralized providers

Decentralized Data Storage

Decentralized Data Storage stores data in various locations across a comprehensive storage network. This creates an incredibly secure storage solution, ensuring data is not compromised should individual storage locations fail and protects against hacking and other cyber crime.

By never storing information in one single location, it is impossible for unauthorized individuals to access, corrupt or lock files.


What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a decentralized, cloud-based storage network for Web 3.0, creating a higher level of data protection. Filecoin connects customers with data storage providers as a more secure and cost-effective alternative to centralized cloud storage solutions. Customers pay competitive rates to providers who securely store their data in decentralized pieces on the Filecoin blockchain across multiple storage servers.

To ensure files are stored correctly, mathematical proofs are implemented to verify completeness, accuracy, and privacy. Transactions are traditionally completed using Filecoin’s native cryptocurrency – FIL.

Filecoin Blockchain

Filecoin blockchain provides an impermeable storage network that secures files against any single points of failure on the network and cyber crime. This is very attractive for protecting:

  • Customer Exposure
  • Sensitive and Confidential Information
  • Economic Stability
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Company Workflow


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